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Culture of japan

Japan is at the forefront of the technological world, taking a giant step forward in development, but similarly, Japan has a rich culture and beautiful language. Although English is considered an international language, Japanese people today intend to make their language their international language. Japanese is still prevalent in Sri Lanka today. Japanese is still

Amazing facts about Japan

These things can only be seen in Japan Japanese people are very talented. After the Second World War, the Japanese people became the world’s greatest power in about 20 years. Although Japan adapted to the Western system, it did not abandon its traditions and customs. All of the people in Japan respected their traditions. Japan

Evolution of the sport of karate.

The Ryukyu Islands in Japan are a martial art site. The island of Okinawa was the birthplace of karate. On the ancient Chinese island of Okinawa, Okinawa’s Chinese artisans regularly received Chinese artistic influences from sailors and sailors. Meanwhile, the “tea” and “Jutsu” martial arts of Okinawa at the time blended with Chinese martial arts

Many festivals are unique to Japan.

Many festivals are unique to Japan. Here are some of them: In fact, reading this article will help you understand the beauty of Japan. 1.HINAMATSURI HINA MATSURI is an annual festival in Japan known as Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day. HINA MATSURI is celebrated on March 3 every year. It is one of the five

Chinese gods

Today I am talking about the gods that the Chinese worshiped the most in the past. So the former gods of this Chinese Church became a powerful group with different powers and different forms from each other. But all these gods are considered to be superstitious beliefs. Now let’s look at these gods one by

In China, the name of the lotus flower is.

Mandarin Chinese Lianhua He The lotus flower is a very important and revered symbol in China. It also has many meanings in Chinese culture. For example, lotus flowers symbolize longevity and honor. Not only that but they are also offered to the Buddha. Lotus flower means fertility. Therefore, the lotus flower can be called a

Beijing Opera

The Beijing Opera is another resource that we find in the study of China. According to the world, it is a national resource. With a history of over 200 years, this art form was formerly known as the Peking opera. The reason is that the capital of China is Peking. Opera is an aesthetic art