The day when the Sun shone a thousand times.

Do you know how hot it is when the Sun rises?

How hard is the day when the Sun rises a thousand times?

But a few decades ago, a thousand suns actually shone on two cities on Earth. They are Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan.

The atomic bomb dropped on Japan itself as a result of a major political-social and economic process.

Mr. Einstein is also involved in this story.

Some of the elements at the end of the periodic table can standstill. They have large stocks of protons and neutrons in their nuclei.

So the nucleus is very “heavy.” Anything overweight makes it a little unstable.

So even these heavier nuclei can be destabilized by a small neutron attack. When it becomes so unstable, these nuclei break into pieces. It breaks down to form a few small nuclei and neutrons. In addition, there is a slight weight loss.” This is where Mr. Einstein comes to mind.”

According to his equation E = mC 2, that decreasing mass is converted into energy.

When it breaks down, several neutrons are emitted.

Scientists have found the best uranium to make bombs. But there was a little mess in the uranium. Uranium also had several types/isotopes.

The outgoing ones hit the other heavy nuclei.

They also break when hit.

Their reaction continues. With control, you can get a lot of energy and a big bang without control.

Now Let’s put the energy aside and go to the bomb side.

*One is uranium235

*The other is uranium238

Uranium 235 is lighter and more unstable than its older brother. As soon as you miss a bit, the reaction continues.

Of these, 235 are suitable for the bombing. Only 0.7% of uranium is 235. But with 23

Five lots and 238 both continue to support the same reaction. Such excess 235 uranium is called enriched uranium.

At least 50 kg of enriched uranium is required. One wants the reaction to be successful. This is called the phase mass.

Inside the bomb, there are 20kg pieces of uranium in separate pieces. Outside these pieces, there is another bomb planted by TNT.

What really happens is that the uranium contaminants inside that normal bomb explode and stick together.

So they dropped the plutonium bomb Fat Man on Nagasaki and the uranium bomb Little Man on Hiroshima.

Before putting these on, the US actually told Japan the ironic bomb story.

“Expect heavy rain. As never before seen on Earth.”

More than 250,000 were instantly killed by these two bombs.

Even today, some of the streets in these two cities have dark human shadows made of strange lattice-like objects. This is the shadow of those who have been evaporated by the heat of the bomb.

When Hiroshima was first bombed and surrendered, Japan thought the United States had only one bomb.

After the second one left for Nagasaki, Japan surrendered to them without thinking.

When an atomic bomb explodes, the first thing that comes out is light. Only once can one see that light. That too in just a few milliseconds. Because even if it survives the bomb, it has a thousand suns in it. Instantly the eyes become blind.

With that comes the neutron and gamma-ray attack. The atoms in his body become radioactive and then develop cancer.

Then comes the heat flux. The bomb is overheated. These can melt steel blocks like butter. There is even eyewitness evidence from Japan. But this witness could only live for a few hours.

Thousands of atomic bombs have exploded on Earth so far. The maximum damage area of ​​all these bombs is only a few square kilometers.

The temperature and pressure at which an atomic bomb explodes are close to the Sun’s core pressure.

Deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen, can be detonated by placing an atomic bomb around the center. It is hydrogen bombs.

In the future, World War III will increase the use of atomic and hydrogen bombs. It will reduce the world’s population to several million. The remaining millions will die in a few months due to radiation and food shortages.

No matter what, the Earth will always be the same

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