Learn about some of Japan’s most popular foods

Umami is one of the five basic flavors. washoku or umami is the main flavor of traditional Japanese food. This taste was discovered by the Japanese scientist Dr. Kikunae Ikeda. This flavor is created in the cuisine of many countries around the world.

Hashi sticks are used by the Japanese for eating.

Let’s see what foods are that are endemic to Japan.

  1. Sukiyaki

They are made with meat and vegetables, soy – soup, and rice cake (mochi). Zonies can often be found on the Japanese New Year menu.

2. Onigiri

Yaki-Imo is a traditional meat and potato that can be put on wood. Yaki-Imo – Perhaps the most popular street food in Japan, you can buy festivals at specialty stalls or carts.

3. Japanese rice wine or SAKE.

Sake goes well with any type of food but is often matched with the subtle flavors of traditional Japanese food. In Japan, it is a national drink, often served on special occasions. Heat it gently in small clay pots or porcelain bottles. There is a small porcelain cup called Sakasuki, which is drunk. Like wine, the recommended serving temperature varies greatly by type.

4. Japanese fish-shaped cake dessert Teriyaki

That is a delicious fish or waffle made in the shape of a Japanese fish. This is very popular as street food in Japan, and it sells a lot because of its taste. Taiyaki is made using plain pancakes or waffle batter; The butter is poured into a fish-shaped mold on each side. Then put the filling to one side and close the mold and cook it on both sides until golden brown. Different fillers are used for this—red bean paste made from sweet azuki beans, custard, chocolate, cheese, or sweet potato.

5. Another delicious dish is the traditional Hanasushi

6. And also Another delicious dish is oden

7. Tempura

Is a vegetable or seafood dish. This dish does not take much time to prepare. It is often on the Japanese menu.

8. Sushi

Tahan is a popular rice dish in Japan. Tahan is cooked with meat (pork, chicken) and seafood (like shrimp).

9. Raman

It is the most common food prepared and eaten by all the aborigines of the country. The composition of the dish is very simple: it contains meat, and often fish broth and wheat noodles. Rice is the second most important food in Japan. Ramana uses herbs or roots in cooking.

10. Fugu

Fugu is an exotic and dangerous fish that has been used for Japanese food since about the 19th century. Fugu digu can not be found in every restaurant: the fish is very expensive, and you need a special license and experience to work with it. Food can be deadly if cooking technology is not complied with. (Fugu is very toxic).

These foods are just a few of the foods available in Japan.

There are many more such delicacies in Japan. See you in another article

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