Amazing facts about Japan

These things can only be seen in Japan

Japanese people are very talented. After the Second World War, the Japanese people became the world’s greatest power in about 20 years.

Although Japan adapted to the Western system, it did not abandon its traditions and customs. All of the people in Japan respected their traditions. Japan sold cars abroad, but it did not embrace the English language. So despite being the world’s tallest country, Japan has a unique tradition of its own. When you visit Japan, you can see that it is still alive and well.

Here you can see these things only in Japan.

  1. There are more older people.
The older people in Japan are getting older, but they are still very active. As well as pre-schools in other countries, there are many different spaces for adults to enjoy in Japan.

2. A country with the lowest crime rates.

Japan ranks first among countries with the lowest crime rates. Among the thefts in Japan, the first is the theft of an outdoor bicycle and the theft of an umbrella. Also, when the Japanese go out, things like locking houses are not done in many places.

3. Country with the highest number of vending machines.

The Japanese are a nation that makes machines for everything, but not for laziness. To save time.

These are available at almost every junction in Japan. There are many types of food and drink like soft drinks and beer.

4. It is the country with the largest number of islands.

Japan is an island nation. Japan has 6852 islands. Japan has four main islands: Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku.

5. Teaching cleanliness in schools.

Japanese school children have to clean their own classrooms on their own. Japanese schools do not only teach the subject. They even teach gods such as Japanese culture and cleanliness.

6. Giving fruit as a gift.

Although Japanese fruit is quite expensive, it is customary for Japanese people to bring fresh fruit with them when they go home.

7. They bows and salutes without shaking hands.

Japan is a country with the highest etiquette.

Japanese people always work with respect. This is also taught to children in schools from an early age.

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